Use of the AOHNP logo: Have your say

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At present some members are using the logo to indicate their membership on their own websites and other communications. There is currently no control of this, and no way of ensuring that the logo is removed should they no longer be members.
We have been approached by a member asking for permission to use the logo. The Board considered this and was unable to come to a decision, therefore we are putting it to the members.
If the majority of members’ decision is to permit it, we will need to devise a method of monitoring it i.e. permission must be sought and those using it will be on a register.
Should their membership lapse, they will be asked to remove the logo.

The deadline on this survey has been extended to allow voting to continue.

Lucy is a specialist occupational health nurse practitioner, who completed the M.Med.Sci. (OH) at Birmingham in 1996. She is an independent practitioner, with her own business. Special interests are: arthritis and autoimmune disorders, autism & neurodiversity, upper limb disorders.